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Тезисы на английском языке

Библиотека < "Стволовые клетки: законодательство, исследования и инновации. Международные перспективы сотрудничества" (тез. докл.), 2007 г < Тезисы на английском языке


См. подразделы:

    Somatic instability detection in humans by DNA-fingerprinting

    Stem cells in liver regeneration and fibrosis

    Use of metal-coated and ceramic-coated polymers as scaffolds for composite implants

    Characterisation of STR0C05, a human neural stem cell derived from fetal striatum for Huntington’s Disease therapy

    Stem and germ cells in mammals and asexually reproducing invertebrates: comparative study of evolutionary conservative mechanisms of “stemness”

    Human embryonic stem cells: prospects for basic research and practical applications

    Expression of non-coding natural antisense transcript complementary to iNOS mRNA is decreased in neurospheres derived from human embryonic cells

    Differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells

    Initial events of differentiation of mdx mice striated muscle fibers after bone-marrow stem cells therapy

    The induction of differentation of mouse embryonic stem cells in conditions of prolonged cultivation with lif recombinant protein

    Chromosomal reorganization in human embryonic stem cell lines provides a model for cytogenetic research

    Legislation in organ’s transplantation - fundamentals for the legal development of stem cells technologies

    Isolation of reserve cells from human adipose tissue subjected cryogenic shock and them characteristic

    Biodegradable Biopolymer Scaffolds for Reconstruction Surgery and Cell Transplantation

    Possibility of mesenhcymal stem cells application in the treatment of therapy-resistant nervous system disorders

    An influence of mesenchymal stem cells transplantation upon cognitive function restoration after stroke in rats

    Mesenchymal stem cells distribution in the inflamed tissue after various ways of transplantation

    Mesenchymal stem cells transplantation in brain trauma treatment

    Epigenetic control of human embryonic stem cells differentiation into endothelial cells


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